16 Apr 2012


Hello all,

First of all, i have undergone a bit of a rebranding. Previously i used the undernightsky moniker to release my ambient black metal, but since that never really got off the ground and i liked the name i am claiming it back to use as an umbrella to release all my solo work. So from now on, if you see anything by ‘undernightsky’ it was made by me and probably just me. I have been trying to think of a name for ages but unfortunately i wasn’t blessed with an awesome name like 'Devin Townsend'. Instead i got 'Michael Alp' and it just doesn’t sound very catchy to me. So 'undernightsky' it is. It also represents the general theme of my music which tends to be a bit dark and a bit gloomy.

And so with that, let me talk a bit more about my new venture. As well as continuing with ‘Five Points Of Articulation’ with Adam. I have put together a few songs on my own which are of a more traditional rock/metal sound. Expect the sort of thing you would have been familiar with in From Great Height but just more Michaelcentric. Heavy guitars lush melodies, the odd synth. My key influnces i suppose would be Jesu, Deftones, Devin Townsend, Smashing Pumkins and bands of that ilk.

 I have posted a link previously to the instrumental of my first single ‘Days Away’. But here it is again regardless.

I have about three to four tracks i am writing and i will release them as they are done until they eventually form an EP of some sorts. But rather than wait until they are all finished i am just going to release them one by one.

On the rant front. I keep seeing a worrying trend appearing on twitter/facebook. It seems more and more bands are having their equipment stolen straight from their van overnight whilst on the road. For any non –musicians reading this. this is quite literally crippling to any band on a small budget (most of them). To lose one piece of equipment is a big deal. To lose it all in one go? I can’t imagine the frustration that causes. The world is in a tough spot at the moment but i wish people would have some decency. Stealing is such a horrible crime. It really bugs me that people feel the need to take other people’s property. Property their victims rely on and have worked hard to earn. Any musician will also know of the sentimental bond you get with your instrument of choice. Even a brand new guitar can’t replace that sentimental value they hold. Stealing of any kind and also this needs to stop now.

Recording tonight so i will post a few pics later. Feel free to come chat with me over on twitter @MikeyUNS the more the merrier as they say. Or if you are more of a facebook(er) ‘Like’ me over at facebook.com/undernightsky

Later on in the week i will blog about me trying to sing and the trouble i have writing lyrics. Until then I shall leave you with a song, and i mighty fine one at that. M

5 Apr 2012

Days Away (Instrumental) ***Vox to follow***

Here is the instrumental to my next track. Recording vocals next week. Just really excited to put this online now.

Hope you enjoy. Leave a comment, let me know what you think. Want more like this? I have a few more i could knock together and EP in this style.

And look for the finished version sometime in the next week or two. I will release it for download then too.


3 Apr 2012

Lucy's Song

Here is a short piece i wrote and recorded on behalf of a friend. Her name is Lucy and she wanted something she could use as an intro for her YouTube videos.

It's generally a lot more indie rock/electronic than my own music but i had fun making it and have always had a great respect for pop music. It was inspired by bands like 'The Cure' and their livelier moments but i put a contemporary "Chart Rock" spin on it.

Lucy is an aspiring fashion blogger. She has a great following and seems to be doing really well for herself.

So if you are in to fashion and make up. Look her up. She can be found at

and you can follow her blog at - http://loulousmakeup813.blogspot.co.uk/

26 Mar 2012

***New sounds from a reliable source***

My brother in arms has finally got his arse on soundcloud Give him a listen if you like dark instrumental industrial/electronic sounds.

His first track is streaming now over a http://soundcloud.com/adameverfpoa *Or below, obviously

And if you are a soundclouder, like follow etc... you know the score.

Having heard a fair bit of his solo work before, if he uploads half as much as he has recorded then you are in for a treat. He has some great material laying about.

What you guys think? Let me know in the comments.


25 Feb 2012

***New Track Coming***

Wrote a new track tonight. Sometimes it all comes in one go. This track was written and recorded in about 2hrs. Will try and put down some lyrics and re-record it for next week

More as it comes!


2 Feb 2012


Hello people,

Here is a quick update from me and Adam on the current recording of the debet EP from my latest project 'Five Points Of Articulation'. It also has an audio clip of a brand new song called 'The Rapture'. Hope you enjoy it.

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